After Meals

Mom is the word

Imagine the love, dedication and control your mom had on you and your food. Now multiply that by three. Good! This is what makes Goosebumps. Three absolutely motherly mothers are at the helm of our pickles, spices and after-meals.

It’s sunny!

While naturally processing, the products are delicately caressed with the warmth of the Sun for sufficient time – and not harsh machine heat. It’s this goodness that exudes out of every tablespoon of our Goosebumps.

Fine tuning ... err ... grinding!

Usually, our team of mothers bestows tender love and care on our products, but sometimes an occasional blow brings the best out of them. Especially when grinding the ingredients and the spices, in our own homes.

Unlike, unfriend, unfollow preservatives

We have a confession. We have had a tiny tiff with the preservatives family and we’re not in very good terms with them. None are a part of our products or our parties.

Tiny friends: Good bacteria

We love making friends and recently we met a bunch of Lactobacillus bacteria and ganged up with them for our pickles. They’re so awesome that they make life easy even for diabetics and to-be mommies. (Wish to know more about ‘how’, please seek the world wide web’s trusted sources only)


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